Academic writing is related to the field of writing assignments or submitting school essays. Academic writing is not much different than any other forms of writing. It is of the same essence. And writers, require the same need of tools to improve their essay quality and make it much more readable as compared to the raw essay they have written. Quality is something one can’t negotiate for, or accept lesser quality. If there are certain flaws in your essay you might not be getting higher grades for that. Which might not go according to your academic plans.

What is the answer?

The answer to every writers’ worry lies on such efficient tools that may increase the quality of your content, or find errors in your piece and make you amend. So that an original masterpiece is developed. It’s no longer a thing to worry for, with these tools in minutes your essay shall be evolved into high-quality work.

Below are the best 5 tools available for every writer. These will be very helpful in terms of working to perform efficient, reliable and solid content free of errors like Tech Engage does.


This free grammar check is built on the concepts of lending a helping hand to the writers. As the tools work simply to help you eliminate basic writing errors such as grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, spelling mistakes. And helps you create a strong content with the good quality material.


Need help to improve your English skills? Whatever you want help with whether reading, writing, grammar or vocabulary Parapal-Online will always come to your aid. It offers various lessons that will be helpful in terms of increasing your vocabulary and English grammar. That too for free.


Got punctuation errors or confused with punctuations in your research paper or school essay? This free comma checker works on the principle of eliminating and eradication punctuation mistakes and errors from school essay. Making it readable and attractive than before.

A Research Guide

A Research Guide is a perfect place for you when writing research papers. Since teachers only assign students with the research paper topics but not tell them how to perform the task. A research guide is always there to help you out of your misery. The site offers vast resources collated by writers, with the sole purpose of helping you write a successful research paper and school essay.

The Easy Essay

The Easy Essay works as info gathering organization template. It works on principles of breaking down essays to their basic form. Its work is to make the essay look easier to be read and understood by the masses and fits best for all levels of education.


With these tools, writers can be aided, and a lot of their problems related to the content writing will be solved. Punctuation mistakes, grammar errors whatever your trouble is, all will be aided using these tools.