Puerto Vallarta is considered one of the most progressive and liberal cities of coastal Mexico and is famous for its lifestyle options. At the same time, it also offers people an authentic cultural experience in terms of architecture, food, music, and arts. Many people are now seeing the value in having a residence in this resort town due to a number of diverse factors.

Great Accommodation – Cheaper Costs

Expats who have moved to Puerto Vallarta all agree on one thing. The lower real estate rates compared to the UK and the USA are a blessing, while there are no compromises on living quarters, essentials and architecture. Beachfront property will be costlier than inland apartments. Utilities are also cheaper than in major American cities.

A Blend of Culture and Nature

The dramatic Banderas Bay defines the seaside landscape of Puerto Vallarta. Bright blue waters and clean sands provide a great stage for a getaway, where you can sit back with a book or indulge in some snorkeling adventure at the southern shores. If you like taking long walks on the beach, then the oceanfront Malecon is another fascinating landmark of this beautiful city.

Culture connoisseurs will love the Los Arcos, a row of arches on the beachside Plaza Morelos area, a hub of sand art, street performances and other attractions. The most important architectural and spiritual landmark of the city is the Our Lady of Guadalupe church, a resplendent example of Spanish architecture. Many head off to the Old quarters to the Romantic Zone to experience the classic Mexican town scenery, complete with cobbled streets, restaurants, bars and quaint shops of the city.

You are never too far away from a cold brew and great food in Puerto Vallarta. The Los Muertos Beach is home to some of the most iconic watering holes and eateries of the town. Puerto Vallarta or PV like it is referred to by many foreigners is also a base for many luxury cruises around the Pacific coast.

You will not miss the contemporary conveniences in Puerto Vallarta. The city has many malls, cinemas, and very importantly modern health care centers that cater to those used to American standards.

Holiday Weather throughout the Year

Where is the beach fun without the beach weather? Puerto Vallarta is a great place to escape the shivers of the North and the city experiences warm weather throughout the year with daily means in the mid-twenties (Celsius).

Great Connectivity

The sprawling municipality of Puerto Vallarta is also blessed with excellent connectivity to all the major cities in the region including the American west coast. Air Canada, Delta, United Airlines and Aeromexico are just some of the many big names that have flights to and from the Lic Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport.

The city is also part of an integrated national bus network with smaller buses that can take you around some of the other coastal towns. Local taxis provide easy transportation within the city and you can always hail an Uber. The company started services here in mid-2017.

How to Look for a Puerto Vallarta Home?

If you are looking for Puerto Vallarta real estate then you will have plenty of choices. A dream home is just a click away – whether you are looking to relax in a luxury mansion with a blue pool and swaying palms or enjoy the splendor of a high rise apartment.

One of the top real estate locations in Puerto Vallarta is the self-explanatory Hotel Zone, situated near the best beaches, clubs and other recreational attractions. A cosmopolitan experience awaits those who set up a home here as it is the hotbed for travelers from all over the world. One can compare this area to some of the vibrant neighborhoods of California. The Marina and Nuevo Vallarta West are also great districts for residential property, home to exclusive properties and close to the exotic beachfront. Some of the major features of the Marina area are a yacht club, golf course and a host of fine dining options. It is indeed the shining jewel of luxury accommodation in Puerto Vallarta.

Flamingos Beach is one of the more tranquil parts of the city and you can look for a residential property here too. You may want to soak in the original flavors of the town by looking for a place in the older quarters. The Old Vallarta areas offer a great experience that blends the traditional layout of a Mexican town with the edgy style of a party destination.